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Are you planning an event in Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen Tulum, the Mayan Riviera or anywhere else in Mexico? 

The Team at Grupo Events would love to help! Regardless if we are planning your event, we would like to extend some of our event expertise in the form of advice, stories and the all-important “what if” scenarios and how to proactively deal with them.

The Grupo core team has an accumulated experience of well over 25 years and has coordinated close to 1000 events over that period. This has given us a unique background and perspective to handle just about any situation. More importantly, this experience allows us to proactively plan your event to ensure every “what if” scenario is covered and everyone is relaxed and able to truly savour the moment.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the articles below, please contact us directly. We offer complimentary consultations and will work with you to ensure our style matches yours!

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Ideas for planing the best Mexico bachelor party

Are you the best man, groomsmen or friend of the groom trying to plan the best bachelor party of all time for your good friend in Mexico? Are you still looking for a location OR have you already chosen Mexico as the venue for your bachelor party? If so, decision making skills are running high! If […]

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How to MC a Wedding

So, you have been asked to be the MC for your friend or family members wedding. Congratulations! How to MC a Wedding? Good question! An MC is the Master of Ceremonies and having a good wedding MC is an integral component to a successful wedding reception. No matter how you look at it……… Being a […]

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Ideas for planning a milestone event in the Mayan Riviera and Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Are you looking for ideas to plan a milestone event in the Mayan Riviera or Playa del Carmen, Mexico?   What is a milestone event?   Milestone Event: –       A significant event in your life that should be celebrated with the ones that matter most to you. Life is full of events; however, some events […]

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