Ideas for planing the best Mexico bachelor party

Are you the best man, groomsmen or friend of the groom trying to plan the best bachelor party of all time for your good friend in Mexico?


Are you still looking for a location OR have you already chosen Mexico as the venue for your bachelor party? If so, decision making skills are running high!

If you are indeed looking to plan the best bachelor party of all time in Mexico, it is important to establish a few items first. These events don’t just happen; however, if planned carefully, the magic, the stories and the long lasting memories will organically occur as you truly savor your experience.

“We want to set the bar and plan the best bachelor party ever in Mexico!”

Here are a few tips to help organize the ultimate bachelor party in Mexico. 

  • Ask the groom for a list of guys he would like to be at his bachelor party.


  • Contact the core group of guys first. The groomsmen, best friend, best man, etc and come up with a few options that you feel will be the perfect “send off” for your good friend.  You never want to have too many cooks in the kitchen!


  • Be creative and ensure you have options with different lengths and budget. Come up with an option that covers 1 day to 1 week and a few different budget points.


  • After you and the core group of guys have come up with a few bachelor party options, contact all the guys and let them know you will be hosting your friend’s bachelor party and have narrowed down a few options for the legendary experience that will soon unfold.


  • Everyone has different schedules so present a few different dates that the bachelor party will happen. You are not going to please everyone but do your best!


  • Start a Facebook group. Some guys will not have Facebook so ensure you include those friends as well. Go for beer and chicken wings and get some face time in with everyone.


  • Present no more than 3 options with deadlines for payment. Deadlines are very important and will keep everyone on task and help with the overall planning.


As a Solutions Expert, I provide consultations to the best man or groomsmen to make all this happen. When providing options, I focus on “turn key” solutions that make the planning extremely easy for all involved.

We will plan an initial consultation that looks like this:

  • Establish a dialogue from the beginning and ask a few questions to uncover the true focus of the experience.


  • What are the most important things to get out of the experience- celebrating your brother and best friend, delicious food and culinary, adventure activities, bonding experiences, mild to wild partying?


  • Have you been to Mexico? If so, what activities have you done?


  • What will be your approximate total group size?


  • Where will everyone be traveling from?


  • Age range?  Lets ensure this adventure is appropriate for everyone.


  • What is your per person Budget?


  • How many days do you have to stay in Mexico?

At Grupo Events, we offer “turn key” solutions to help you easily plan your bachelor party in Mexico.

Once we have the answers to the above, we will work with you to create the best bachelor party ever in Mexico!

Get in contact with us today for some sample Mexico bachelor party ideas, pricing and inspiration.

Have a great day and bye for now!


Jordan MacDonald

Mexico Bachelor Party Solutions Expert 

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