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Reward, inspire and forge bonds within your team with a one of a kind team building experience in Mexico! Discover how we help companies  of all sizes build healthy, productive and more connected teams through our innovative and fun team building activities!

Company culture doesn’t happen over night; however, this is a good start! Take the next step by exploring our most popular team building activities below and contact us for a custom proposal specific to your group! 

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  1. We’re reliable. We have a strong track record of success with a wide range of groups and companies. Our experienced team of event coordinators and creative directors will work with you to find the solution that best fits your groups needs. We take the time to listen to your priorities and then provide the perfect solution to fit your individual group dynamics.
  2. We’re flexible. Like a yoga instructor! We can create custom events with a special theme, specific time frame, group dynamic, or unique location. We also cater to a wide range of budgets depending on your needs.
  3. We’re dedicated. We understand that you are busy and you need information quickly. We can handle short lead times and often provide solutions at a moment’s notice when you need it most. You will see fast, quality results when you partner with us.
  4. We’re bilingual. Our team building activities are available in English or Spanish anywhere in Mexico.
  5. We’re responsive. We are able to immediately produce a professional group activity proposal that meets your needs. We realize that you often require details now, not a week from now. We respect that and will work smarter to get you an innovative team building concept ready to present!

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Smart Team Building

Our technology inspired team building activities offer unparalleled flexibility and are available anywhere in Mexico! Indoor OR Outdoor, we have you covered!    These cost effective group activities allow your group to have fun, interact and engage in a dynamic environment!  On the day, you’ll be split up into small teams of two to six people per […]

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Beach Olympics Mexico

Time to put on some sunscreen lotion! Today the beach will be our huge sandbox where this activity will take place and participants will be able to unleash their creativity, teamwork, time management in an energetic and interactive environment!   Overview: On the day of your event, your group is divided into teams and the […]

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Regata Boat Build

Sink or swim, your group will benefit regardless of the final result! Overview: The Cardboard Boat Building Challenge is an interactive group event that will see your group work in teams, communicate, be creative, strategize, and have fun getting to know each other, while building and testing a functional boat made entirely out of cardboard […]

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Minute to Win it

Based on the popular television show; Minute to win it, teams work together in an activity against the clock. Teams face each other to compete in seemingly simple challenges with only a “Minute to Win” Overview: After dividing the group into teams, each team will receive a package with several supplies that will be used […]

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Human Foosball Mexico

Human FOOSBALL, a unique twist on a classic game! Pure awesome is the best way to describe this incredibly unique group activity. From beaches, gardens and rooftop terraces, Human Foosball can go just about anywhere! Human foosball is a lot like soccer in that players are in an enclosed area kicking a soccer ball, working […]

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Mayan Games

Mayan Games is based on the popular TV series, “Survivor” and incorporates several challenges, replicated from the show, as well as few of our own cleverly designed masterpieces!   Overview: These survivor themed challenges are specially designed so that all members of the team work together physically and mentally, highlighting the strengths of each team member and […]

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Elite Wellness Getaways

Your epic journey starts here! Grupo Events would like to introduce you to Diane Gies! Facilitator, Coach & Mastermind behind Elite Wellness Getaways in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.  Diane has taken her unique skill set and expertly crafted it with one of the most beautiful, culturally significant areas in the world. The Riviera Maya, Mexico.  Diane […]

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Team Pursuit Resort Rally

Our gamification inspired team building activities offer unparalleled flexibility and are available anywhere in Mexico! Welcome to Team Pursuit Resort Rally! Get your group working together to solve a variety of challenges in the pursuit of victory. Mental, physical, skill, and mystery themes suit the different skill sets of the teams — but mastering these categories […]

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Clue Murder Mystery

Our gamification inspired team building activities offer unparalleled flexibility and are available anywhere in Mexico! Welcome to Clue Murder Mystery Mexico! There’s trouble afoot — it’s up to your group to solve the crime. Teams will work together to decipher clues to uncover the means, motives, and details of a shocking crime. A classic case of […]

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Food Truck Wars

Food Truck Wars is a philanthropic team building event which will have your team giving back to the local community and having a ton of fun along the way! The event focuses on the concepts of giving back and gratitude!  How the event works In this signature event, teams are tasked with creating a restaurant concept […]

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Masters of Mixology

Masters of Mixology will give new meaning to the term flair as teams toast their glasses in a head to head competition to concoct the ultimate cocktail! How the event works Not only will each team create a tasty beverage, they will need to market and sell their creation to the panel of esteemed judges! […]

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