Clue Murder Mystery

Our gamification inspired team building activities offer unparalleled flexibility and are available anywhere in Mexico!

Welcome to Clue Murder Mystery Mexico! There’s trouble afoot — it’s up to your group to solve the crime. Teams will work together to decipher clues to uncover the means, motives, and details of a shocking crime. A classic case of whodunit — don your best Sherlock cap, and experience Clue Murder Mystery.

Oh the humanity — a man has been found dead in his home and there seems to be foul play afoot. Solving the crime is now in the hands of your group — do they have what it takes to uncover the cause of death and expose the details of the murder? With Clue Murder Mystery, your group will build analytical skills, logic-based problem solving, and be encouraged to communicate and collaborate with team members.

Your group must don their best detective hat and crack the case by unearthing evidence and examining the suspects. Together, teams will need to complete brain teasing questions and puzzles to get to the truth. Each clue will get them more points and all the closer to the top of the leaderboard. Participants will scan through incident reports, 9-1-1 calls, police case files, suspect interrogations, and the coroner’s analysis to solve the mystery. Just make sure they solve the mystery before time runs out!

This cost effective group activity allow your group to have fun, interact and engage with one another.

Before the activity begins, you will receive full instructions on how to organize players into teams and use the Team Experiences app. In a few simple steps, teams will download the app and join the activity. Teams will be able to access the evidence on their smartphones using YouTube and a package that will need be printed out for each team. Players will complete challenges and submit their trivia responses through text right on their team’s smartphone.

Each Challenge is worth points. The more challenging the task — the more points they can earn. You can see their points roll in live on the leaderboard as your group takes on their mission. Teams will have to crack the case with these problem-solving challenges:

Teams will have to listen in to 9-1-1 calls and keep a careful ear out for a hint. Will the call records be enough to reveal a suspect?

Teams will have to look over the incident reports from the crime in order to start uncovering vital clues. What pieces of the puzzle will they find within?

Suspects have been interrogated, and it will be up to your teams to examine the interrogations in order to decipher just what happened on that fateful night.

The dead may not speak, but there are clues awaiting your teams in the coroner’s report. Could the key to outing the guilty party lie in the analysis? Your group will have to find out.

Each team will be provided with the case files from none other than the police department. Did they make any discoveries that could help untangle this web of mystery?

There are some suspicious characters about. Teams will have to review the Person’s of Interest log to uncover who the key suspects are — and why.

Quick Facts:

  • Event duration: 1 to 3 hours (customizable)
  • Group size: This program can be run for groups of 4 to 2000+
  • Location: Available anywhere in Mexico!
  • On site, portable activity: No need to shuttle or move group off site. That was easy!
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor activity
  • Activity level: Low to moderate. We can customize to your groups needs.

Investment Includes:

  • On site Professional Event Manager to Host and lead your activity
  • Custom built Clue Murder Mystery Team Building activity
  • Password protected for iPhone or Android
  • Photos and videos of the event (perfect for wrap up slideshows)
  • Awards ceremony with medals for the winning team!

Investment Level:

Starting at $1500 USD depending on group size. Please enquire for a custom quote and proposal specific to your group. 

For larger groups, we will be as flexible as we can with budget.

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