Elite Wellness Getaways

Your epic journey starts here! Grupo Events would like to introduce you to Diane Gies! Facilitator, Coach & Mastermind behind Elite Wellness Getaways in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. 

Diane has taken her unique skill set and expertly crafted it with one of the most beautiful, culturally significant areas in the world. The Riviera Maya, Mexico. 

Diane is a Facilitator and Coach who specializes in Personal Development training through custom tailored workshops, lunch and learns and keynote speaking. A graduate of the social work program, Diane has dedicated her life to understanding human behaviour and ultimately creating change where change is needed.

A life long learner and an advocate of personal growth, Diane believes that all thought patterns derive from what she refers to as your “Whiteboard of Life”. Metaphorically speaking, it is a board of accumulated messages that we carry with us from the time we are born, and it is those messages that dictate our every thought and move. With that theory in mind, she uses a powerful tool best known as Personality Dimensions. As a certified PD Facilitator, she helps individuals discover their temperament (also known as your personality) so they can ultimately understand how they interpret the messages from their whiteboard and begin to change their paradigm.

She is a Level Two Lifeskills Coach and has adopted the “Thinking Into Results” philosophy, designed by world renowned educators, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher from the Proctor Gallagher Institute. She implements this strategy when working with individuals who are seeking change in their behaviour and thought patterns. She has several years experience working in group settings as well as one on one coaching. Having had the privilege of attending several workshops run by world renowned educators and coaches, she has the skill sets needed to offer an eclectic approach to coaching and training.

Aside from her career in Social Work, Diane works closely with her colleague David Morrison, an event planner extraordinaire. Together they have developed a partnership that offers unique travel experiences, ranging from corporate incentive travel to exclusive getaways to sunny destinations where individuals are pampered at their own private villas with their own private chefs. Diane’s background in corporate training and facilitating, coupled with David’s background in corporate travel and event planning, they have created a dynamic partnership that offers their clients what they like to refer to as “an epic experience”.

When not traveling with groups or running personal development workshops, Diane dedicates her time to giving back to her community by volunteering for various community charities and events. Much of her time is also spent raising her 2 teenagers, which she claims have taught her everything she knows. Her formal education is no match for the hands on training she received raising her son and daughter. As a result, she has created a series of workshops that will help parents learn to connect with their teens on levels they never thought possible.

Her love for people coupled with her passion to make a difference in the world allows her to travel more extensively to less fortunate countries where she can spend time doing what she loves most: giving back. Diane will continue to share her love for people through her work as a coach and a trainer.

Contact Dianes Gies and discover how her unique skill set, combined with the Riviera Maya, Mexico can create positive change in your life today!

“Life is a journey, let’s make it epic!” 

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