Food Truck Wars

Food Truck Wars is a philanthropic team building event which will have your team giving back to the local community and having a ton of fun along the way! The event focuses on the concepts of giving back and gratitude! 

How the event works

In this signature event, teams are tasked with creating a restaurant concept and storefront entirely out of cardboard as well as a delicious guacamole to be served up to the judges. Teams will earn the supplies to create the restaurant by completing a series of food based challenges. The non perishable food used in the challenges will be donated to a local charity.

Your event will start with an opening speech by your Event Facilitator welcoming the group and delivering instructions on how the day will unfold! Your group will be divided into teams of 5 to 7 players per team and will get ready to kick things off! 

Each team will compete in a series of food based challenges which will earn additional supplies for each team. For example, teams will need to recreate a local landmark using the supplies provided. Next up, teams will need to build the highest standing structure entirely out of the supplies provided. Each challenge is designed to challenge the teams creativity and get them thinking about give back components and how they can contribute within their own community. 

The next phase of the event will have teams using the supplies earned to create a concept for a restaurant. The concept will be carried out as teams create a storefront using cardboard and craft supplies provided so they can serve their delicious guacamole! 

Final products will be presented and judged by the group as a whole. Teams that embrace the concept of support and fully commit to each other will be the team that thrives in Food Truck Wars! 

Quick facts:

  • Event duration: 2 to 3 hours (customizable)
  • Group size: This activity can be done for groups from 8 people up to 400+ people
  • Location: Anywhere in Mexico
  • Outdoor or indoor: This activity is suitable for indoors or outdoors 
  • Activity level: Moderate, we can customize it to your group’s needs

Investment includes: 

  • On site Professional Event Manager to Host and lead your activity as well as support staff
  • Team props for each team member to spice things up!
  • The activity created specifically for your group, to meet your goals and objectives. 
  • Supplies and material for your activity. 
  • Award ceremony with medals for the winning team.

Investment level: 

Starting at $2250 USD depending on group size. Please enquire for a custom quote and proposal specific to your group. 

For larger groups, we will be as flexible as we can with budget.

Our team building activities are available in English OR Spanish anywhere in Mexico

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