Regata Boat Build

Sink or swim, your group will benefit regardless of the final result!



The Cardboard Boat Building Challenge is an interactive group event that will see your group work in teams, communicate, be creative, strategize, and have fun getting to know each other, while building and testing a functional boat made entirely out of cardboard and packing tape. The event is sure to generate results with any group – from senior executives to Olympic athletes or from administrative assistants to rugged field workers.

Quick facts:

  • Event duration: 2 to 3 hours (customizable) 
  • Group size: This activity can be performed for groups from 8 people up to 200 people
  • Location: Anywhere in Mexico, can be performed in the pool of a hotel or in the ocean or a lake.
  • Outdoor or indoor: This activity can be performed completely outdoors, or on a very sunny and hot day, the first stage of construction can be done indoors, then moved outdoors.
  • Activity level: Moderate, we can customize to your group’s needs

Investment includes:

  • On site Professional Event Manager to Host and lead your activity and support ;staff
  • The activity created specifically for your group, to meet your goals and objectives.
  • Supplies and material for your activity.
  • Award ceremony with medals for the winning team.

Investment level:

Starting at $2250 USD depending on group size. Please enquire for a custom quote and proposal specific to your group. 

For larger groups, we will be as flexible as we can with budget.

Our team building activities are available in English OR Spanish anywhere in Mexico

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