10 Corporate Retreat Planning Tips For Your Next Company Retreat

The key to planning effective corporate retreats is having a cache of corporate retreat planning tips at your disposal. After years of research and experience creating, developing, designing, and implementing outstanding, reputation-building team building events, we have put together this list of our top ten corporate event and team building planning tips. These tips and tons of free time can help you get your time off to an outstanding start.

  1. Start with the end in mind by clearly defining your team’s goals and desired outcomes.
  2. Create – and stick to – a team retreat budget that builds a little fun into a lot of learning.
  3. Create a working list of must-haves including venue and location searches.
  4. Choose activities that let your team learn skills that go back to the office with them.
  5. Build several two-day trips into the planning process to scope out potential locations.
  6. Develop a retreat theme like giving back, indoor activities, or outdoor learning adventures.
  7. Create a team building agenda that meets the needs of each individual member.
  8. Locate bilingual locals to help your team quickly and safely navigate unknown terrain.
  9. Search for appropriate cultural and nightlife experiences for your team’s downtime.
  10. Call Grupo Events and ignore the other nine corporate retreat planning tips.

You will probably find corporate retreat planning tips all over Google. None of them will yield the same unbeatable, incredible results as Tip Number 10. Say goodbye to the legwork, stress, and pressure of corporate event planning when you trust your team to our team for an event none of you will ever forget. When you work with us, you take more than a tan back to the office. You also go back with a set of team building, goal setting, vision casting, and project management skills that will last the rest of your career.