3 Amazing Team Building Activities

If your corporate or small business is planning a trip for your team members, you’ll love the ease and affordability of combining group incentives and team building activities with fun in the sun in beautifully scenic Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Team building is an important part of business travel because it emphasizes the profitability of group problem-solving, helps team members and staff understand the communication styles of each individual, learn to identify and leverage those individual strengths within the team, and heighten the benefits of cooperation versus competition.

Beach Olympics

Teams will love the upbeat music and energized atmosphere of the Beach Olympics in Cancun, Mexico. Your staff is divided into teams with each team rotating from challenge to challenge. Each team spends two to three hours discovering their individual strengths and celebrating their accomplishments as a group. They’ll return to the office with a renewed sense of purpose and direction, increased productivity and drive, and ready to work collaboratively to contribute to your company’s success.

Exile Island

The fame and success of the Survivor television series makes this a popular and beneficial team building challenge. Exile Island is specifically designed to create mental and physical challenges that your team must overcome together. To foster that togetherness, no team member is voted off the Island. Instead, your staff works together to assess each other’s ability, agility, and creativity for attacking each challenge. If your goal is to teach your team to work as a group, trust each other, and reach for the best possible outcome, this is the team building activity for you.

Minute to Win it

Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor team building exercise that will teach your staff to think fast on their feet? The Minute To Win It team challenge uses activities that look deceptively easy, but require your team to put their brain power and physical skills to the ultimate test. Your team members will learn to strategize, asses each member and assign tasks, communicate collectively, and succeed together in this fast-paced, action-packed team challenge.

Team building, team bonding, and conflict resolution can all be achieved with any – or all – of these team building activities. Call us today at (800) 993 4198. We’ll help you chose the right activity for your staff and get started on the adventure of a lifetime.