Hola, my name is Michael Suazo and I lead the corporate videography team at Grupo Events. My role as corporate event videographer allows me to use my artistic vision and special set of innovative and productive skills as the driving force and creative genius behind the lens.

I’ve been shooting weddings and events professionally for over a decade but have been an artist my whole life. I’m originally from Mexico City and made the move to Playa del Carmen 12 years ago to pursue my dream of being a creative corporate videographer in paradise. That’s how I came to Grupo Events – to help corporate groups see themselves on film – and in a whole new light.

As, event videographer, I’ve worked hard to hone the ability to capture the unique moments that depict company culture through social events. I spend countless hours in the editing suite because editing is where a project my really takes shape and comes to life. In addition to creativity, my other interests include:

  • Favorite Food: Enchiladas
  • City of Origin: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Interests: Video and film, documentaries, travel, dance, and hanging out with my twin boys, Clark and Cohen!
  • Favorite Team Building Event: X Games or Exile Island
  • Favorite Corporate Event: Carnival Experience with Day of the Dead Stilt Walkers!

I help bring a human touch to the creativity and productivity that allows your corporation to share its message and culture through self-expression and visual storytelling. My role as event videographer might even mean I capture the team moments, team bonding, and team member encounters you might not even see.

So…if you see a camera on legs walking around any Grupo Events team activity, that’ll be me. Stop, take a moment to say hello, and start seeing Grupo Events and our team building skills through a whole new lens.

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