Here are 7 reasons why companies are giving back more and more during their company retreat in Mexico. This also applies to giving back in your home city and starts with one project at a time.

1. Set your company apart – drive differentiation
If a consumer is given the choice of working with two companies with similar price and quality, they will commonly choose or even switch brands with one that supports a cause, leading and contributing to a more loyal consumer following.

2. Community networking
Getting out and working within the community your company is visiting during your retreat will further connect your people to not only your brand but the destination creating a positive connection between the two.

3. Humanizing your brand
With social media playing an increasingly vital role in customer engagement for any brand, your charitable giving program can be a source for unique, shareable content as well as an engaging way to humanize your brand. People want to work with real people and knowing your company is making a positive difference will encourage more people to work with you and promote your brand.

4. Building relationships with community leaders
Philanthropy has been around for ever and creates opportunities to connect with community leaders and other important influencers. Building positive relationships with these people will do nothing but wonders for your brand and company culture.

5. Low-risk, high reward 
Whether you are experiencing an on site bike building program at your resort or an off site school improvement project, there are numerous avenues that will align with your companies comfort level and those of your staff. No matter what avenue you choose, the experience will be extremely rewarding for everyone involved.

6. Team camaraderie and bonding 
Team building activities are an incredible opportunity for your team to develop and build camaraderie. Give back team building activities can be tremendously memorable and allows for team members to connect on a human level and experience something real as a group.

7. Increased productivity
People that give back are proven to lead a healthier and happier life. This translates to less sick days, more energy and positive interactions within your team. To sum it up, your bottom line will be positively impacted by giving back.

To summarize, giving back will build your company culture and deliver extraordinary results within your team, ultimately bettering your business. One single event is great; however, it is about integrating giving back and philanthropy into your company culture and consistently deliver those feel good moments within your team. It starts with one project at a time and little by little, we will all make a big difference! Contact us to start planning your give back team building retreat in Mexico today!

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