Meet The Team That Builds Great Teams

At Grupo Events, we take building corporate teams seriously – so seriously that we started by building our own incredible team right here in Mexico. Here’s a short snippet about each of our leading team members. Click a team member’s name to learn more about what they do at Grupo Events and what they do to enhance your team’s event.

Jordan MacDonald

I’m the Co-Founder and Director of Sales at Grupo Events. I’m a creative, coffee-loving, funky-suit-appreciating entrepreneur and corporate event planner. I believe there’s an art to building corporate teams and I work on honing my craft every single day. I love planning team challenges and activities for corporate groups of any size and can’t wait to help plan your first or next corporate event!

Estefania Servin

Estefania Servin is the Co-Founder of Grupo Events. She’s also the Acting Director and Supplier Liaison. As a corporate event planner, Estefania works tirelessly with local vendors. Her true passion is homing in on tiny details and making all our wheels turn smoothly.

Miguel Campos

Miguel spearheads Operations and Client Relations. He has an extensive background in events of all kinds, but corporate team building events are where he’s a superstar! Miguel has skillfully executed more than 500 events with groups ranging in size from 20 to 2800 participants.

Alex Llan

Alex expertly leads our Human Resources and Coaching departments where his key role is helping build our great event team. He works hard to identify and recruit the most amazing people to join our diverse team. Alex’s hard work building our unbeatable team has uniquely equipped us to help build yours.

Ricardo Virchez

Ricardo is our Event Manager who fell in love with the Caribbean Sea and swimming in a freshwater cenote. It’s no surprise, then, that he’s a huge fan of our outdoor team building events. Ricardo oversees our outdoor events and makes sure your team has a seamless event from start to finish.

Araceli Lagunas

Araceli is an Event Manager with a knack for building corporate teams! She was born and raised in Morelos and made the move to the Mexican Caribbean ten years ago. She loved it so much, she decided to stay and create a life here! She’s focused on going the extra mile to ensure our clients get the Grupo Events WOW factor.

Michael Suazo

Michael leads our corporate videography team. His contribution to building corporate teams means he uses his artistic vision and innovation to capture the unique moments that depict your company’s culture through social events. Michael has a special touch that allows your corporation to share its message through self-expression and visual storytelling.

Marc Andrew

Marc spearheads our corporate photography team. When he steps behind the lens, he helps your team tell its story amid the vibrant, vivid, vivacious backdrop of Mexico. Marc’s flawless focus captures the raw emotion of team building and the one-of-a-kind moments that make your team uniquely yours!

Building corporate teams takes strategy, forethought, self-awareness, and group awareness. It means taking time to know your people, defining the goals of your team, and creating a one team-one voice approach to effective workplace productivity. How do we know? Because at Grupo Events, we build great teams because we have a great team. Period.