Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos In The Magnificence of Mexico

When your corporate group comes to our lovely shores, team building might be its primary goal, but celebrating Mexico should run a very close second. In a country replete in traditions and customs that honor the past, Dia de los Muertos has grown from ancient traditions that date back thousands of years.  

Celebrating Mexico involves learning about a good many rich and opulent native traditions and cultures. One of the most cherished takes place soon. In Mexico, November 1st and 2nd are set aside to celebrate Dia de los Muertos – The Day of The Dead – with families cleaning and decorating the graves of their departed love ones. This exciting, invigorating celebration is renowned all over Mexico, but it is richly celebrated in two of the country’s finest locations – Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya.

Each region has its own local traditions and celebrations that honor ancestors and celebrate life and its long thread of continuity and connectedness. Many celebrations include:

  • Building public and private altars with offerings to the deceased
  • Depictions of Catrinas (the elegant skull)
  • Feasting on Pan de Muerto (the bread of the dead) and hot chocolate
  • Decorating family grave with colorful dressings

The only thing somber about The Day of The Dead is its name (if you don’t know what it means). In fact, it’s a dazzling, vibrant celebration that demonstrates love for the departed, lets family and friends reminisce and share memories, and passes on family lore and tradition to the next generation.

The Grupo Events team celebrates the unequaled splendor of Mexico every day. Now, it is your team’s turn to bask in celebrating Mexico and its incredible beauty, culture, and tradition. Leave the corporate office behind and let your team get to know each other in a stunning setting that encourages personal, team, and corporate growth, expansion, and progress. Your goal is a great team. Our goal is your goal.