Get Fit With Impetus CrossFit

Are you on the lookout for a CrossFit gym for corporate travel in Mexico? A commitment to health and fitness takes discipline, structure, patience, and dedication. A commitment to corporate excellence relies on that same skill set. Corporate coaching allows those skills to come rapidly to the forefront. That’s why, as the leaders of Grupo Events, my co-founder and I work out at Impetus CrossFit in Playa del Carmen, Mexico – because we guide the team that builds effective teams.

A CrossFit workout is a positive, uplifting experience for entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate team members, and people from all walks of life. Impetus CrossFit takes fitness seriously. Impetus CrossFit is owned by Alan Garcia who won the Fittest in Mexico National Championship. TWICE! They’re an amazing CrossFit gym for corporate travel in Mexico.

In addition to CrossFit, there is a great cafe shop called, Fat Rabbit. There’s also yoga, meditation and even rental apartments! Everything you need for an outstanding experience is right within reach. You don’t forgo corporate coaching on your trip to Mexico. Don’t forgo physical training, either. With Impetus CrossFit, you can have the best of both.

From executive training to effective team building to personal development, corporate coaching can take on many forms. Effective corporate, personal, and fitness coaching makes each trainee aware of his or her own strengths and prepares them to self-assess and self-coach in the future.

Grupo Events is proud to partner with the premier CrossFit gym for corporate travel in Mexico. The next time your team is in Mexico, stop by Impetus CrossFit for a chance to exercise your physique while you build your team. While your team is learning about the makings of successful team building, they can also learn about the importance of their personal health and physical wellbeing. At Grupo Events, we build great teams. Period.