From hits such as Beat it, Billie Jean and Thriller to Smooth Criminal and Bad, your guests will literally be on the edge of their seats as Michael and his group costume change faster than Superman in a phone booth ensuring the energy is at full overload from start to finish! Just as quick as MJ appears, him and his group make their exit and the event continues with a renewed energy and a “did that just happen?”

Here’s how it works…

  • 1Let us know your event date, timing, venue and group dynamic. We will work with you to ensure the entertainment matches your group and aligns with timing.
  • 2We will work around any pre existing itineraries or set schedules and ensure an easy experience from start to finish. We are happy to work with your venue and understand communication is key for a successful event.
  • 3This is a turn key experience that your group will love and the planning will be easy for you!

Questions? We got answers!

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