Each One Reach One – Team Growth Through Giving

At Grupo Events, we are big believers in the incredible combination of strategic team building and local community service. That’s why we were thrilled to start 2020 off with an event that let our team and the team we hosted give back to a local community in Cancun. Our client, a leading negotiation consultant firm, participated in our One Project at a Time Cancun team building event.

One Project at a Time Cancun is a philanthropic, give back themed program that lets corporate teams understand, develop, and flex their creativity while enhancing life for a school in need via local community service. The international team from the UK, the USA, Canada and other parts of Europe spent time painting, sprucing up, and improving a local secondary school. After self-sorting into groups, each group was assigned to one of the following areas:

  • Shade Sails and Stage Beautification
  • Interior Painting and Library Build
  • Exterior Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Sports Package and Classroom Makeover
  • Support Team

When large corporate groups come to us at Grupo Events, we help them learn how to identify the makings of good teams, self-guide and evaluate, understand how to draw out the best from each of their members, and work together as a functioning cohesive unit.

Here’s why giving back as a team helps that happen – because outer focus is key to developing inner focus. When teams learn to evaluate and meet the needs of others, they naturally learn to turn those insights inward and make the most of their own needs assessment. By giving back to others in short, focused bursts, corporate groups learn critical thinking, personal development, goal evaluation, and time management. 

Local community service also travels back to their corporate office, makes teams take a critical look at areas of need in their community, and fosters feel-good learning that lasts a lifetime. Contact Grupo Events to give your corporate team the chance to find out how good giving back can be for them and for the communities they serve.