Experience Outdoor Team Building & Goal Setting In Los Cabos

Why bring your team to Los Cabos only to close them up in a retreat center or resort? At Grupo Events, we offer unbeatable outdoor team building activities that let your team learn to connect while they bask in the sun. In fact, they’ll have so much fun in the Los Cabos sun they might forget the team building challenges they’re engaging in are also teaching them important work-related factors like the importance of communication, collaboration, and strategic problem-solving. Here are three of our most popular outdoor team building activities in Los Cabos, Mexico. 

  • Boat Build
: While designing and constructing their own cardboard boat, we intentionally throw a few curve balls at your team. They’ll learn to deal with sudden project modifications, unexpected staff changes, or critical material shortages. Your group’s facilitator will turn these supposed setbacks into unforeseen advantages and teachable moments. The completed boat will take to the water in a sun-strewn navigational challenge finale.
  • X Games: 
Long-term projects and long days at the office require speed, strategy, stamina, strength, and accuracy. Those traits are exactly what your team will learn – and take back to the office – in this popular, beach activity. They’ll be set up in beach stations – shade is optional – and compete in head-to-head challenges that earn points at each 20-minute station. With their new skills, your team will have what it takes to earn a team medal or take home the X Games Crystal Globe!
  • Beach Olympics
: By competing in a series of team building activities and sports-themed challenges like Human Foosball, Giant Pong and our Olympic Obstacle Course, your team burns off energy while they master the art of blending individual accomplishment with team cooperation. When they leave Los Cabos, your group will take increased productivity, an appreciation for personal development, and a renewed respect for the power of goal setting back to the office.

We keep our fingers on the pulse of corporate groups, so we’re always in tune with the needs of their teams. That’s how we’re able to put together the most beneficial events that teach your team skills and attributes that readily translate back to your corporate office. Our Los Cabos-based, innovative, one-of-a-kind team building activities are ready for your team year-round.

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