Where do you run your events

Our events, people and equipment are completely portable. You benefit from this flexibility because we can come to any location whether it be a resort or hotel you’ve chosen, your office, a nearby park or a special place specific to your agenda. We have teams located across Mexico and can easily travel to other destinations as needed. Our head office is in Playa del Carmen, the Riviera Maya, Mexico!

Investment levels

We have different investment levels for our events to suit a range of budgets. Our team building activities are perfect for those looking for someone to run their event from start to finish and purchase a “turnkey” activity for their group. We will always be as flexible as we can when it comes to budget. We want to partner with you and respect the investment you are making!

Our Full Service Team Building activities have a minimum investment of $4,500 usd.

Our App based Team Building activities have a minimum investment of $1,500 usd. 

What group sizes do you work with

We are very comfortable with all group sizes; from small and intimate to large conferences with thousands of attendees. We can accommodate groups of 6 to 1,000+. Our events are designed to be scalable for all group sizes although some events are more suitable than others for larger groups. We are always happy to discuss which events would be the best fit for your group based on size, timing and location.

Which event should I choose

Great question! It is important we match your group with an event that meets or exceeds your expectations. During our initial conversations, we will discuss the event goals, budget, and the group’s abilities ensuring we match your group with the right program.

Most events are designed to last approximately 2 to 3 hours. Longer and shorter events can be created to suit your needs and are available on a custom basis. Don’t let the word “custom” scare you. Typically, we can take a pre-existing program and tweak it to accommodate your specific group dynamic.

Are your events indoors or outdoors

We offer indoor and outdoor event solutions to fit any location or venue at any time of year. Our indoor events can be done outside if desired, and many of our outdoor events can have indoor components. Whatever the requirements, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Do you provide, Flights, Transport, Accommodation, Food & Beverage and Destination Management Services

Our services are focused on activities, team building and social experiences. We do not offer flights, transport, accommodation, food & beverage and general Destination Management Services; however, we have the best partners that do! We are always happy to create a connection!

Over the years, we have found by focusing on our group activity and team building niche, we create the best possible experiences for our clients!

Custom events

We’re extremely flexible and can accommodate custom events to meet your groups specific needs. We’ll work with you to either modify an existing event we offer, or create your very own from scratch. The beauty of a custom event is that you have full input to produce something that is unique to you and your budget.

Questions? We got answers!

Book a free consultation and get faster answers to all your questions and a better sense of whether we are right for each other. Building better teams. Building better business. We Build Great Teams. Plan a memorable work function with Grupo Events today!