Gamble On Your Team’s Greatness With Our Casino Inspired Mexico Retreat

Corporate team building activities can take on a plethora of forms from in-office trainings to buttoned-up corporate conferences. They can also take the form of networking and social events that create distinctive, memorable opportunities for your team to learn about each other in ways that leave them breathless with excitement in Cancun and chomping at the bit to work together when they get back to the office.

Networking and socializing are an important part of building a solid team because the age-old adage is true – your team is only as strong as your weakest link. Build a team of strong links with team building activities that build relationships. Of all the team building activities we offer, Casino Nights is one of the easiest to customize, one of the most frequently booked, and one of the most exciting!

Choose your theme and leave the rest to us. Available themes include carnival casino nights complete with fascinating stilt walkers, James Bond aerial champagne service, or whatever appeals to your specific needs and tastes. Building a team is a high stakes endeavour. So is training your team to work together toward individual and shared wins.

Our Casino Nights game choices include everything from blackjack to roulette. We also customize entertainment choices and decor selections. Don’t worry – no one loses real cash. We equip each player with our own “funny money” for gambling which is redeemable for raffles tickets and amazing prizes.

Team members learn a few important things at our Casino Nights:

  • how and when to take calculated risks
  • how to establish and maintain a budget
  • how to celebrate a major victory
  • the importance of good sportsmanship
  • how to make fast, strategic decisions

Browse Casino Nights and all the social team building activities we offer because we happily encourage you to encourage your team to ditch the suits and ties and let their inner creativity flow.

Grupo is a single phone call – (800) 993-4198 – or email away. We’ll handle all the details on our end, so when you arrive with your team you can start relaxing right away on your end.

Our staff takes care of activity coordination, storyline creation, and everything in between. Your goal is creating a balanced, effective, harmonious team. Our goal is getting you there through inspired team building activities and unforgettable corporate experiences.