Host A Virtual Team Dinner Party

The way we work has changed. In fact, the way we do everything has changed. Families are having virtual meals and holidays and your team can enjoy a virtual meal, too. It’s easier than you think. When you plan your virtual corporate get together and meal, simply start by choosing a date, choosing a meal, and choosing a cuisine. OF course, we recommend foods from Mexico!

Now, we’re never opposed to tacos (who is?!), but Mexican cuisine consists of so much more than that. While your team is waiting for the next opportunity to join us on our sunny shores, explore our authentic dishes. Encourage each team member to make their own meal and give it their own special twist. Then set up a Zoom or other virtual meeting so team members can enjoy their meal together.

Wanna really help your team connect beyond an inter-office level? Invite their families to your corporate get together. It’s always fun for teams to let their hair down and get to know each other, and as we all know, sharing a meal is a great way to connect. Challenge your team to a meal-based meeting, lunch and learn, or virtual meet and greet complete with food and beverages.

When your team is ready to host a live corporate get together in the midst of our incredible culture, come down and put your culinary skills, give back skills, and team skills to the test. We are excited to host you in a Food Truck Wars competition where everyone wins. It’s one of our most popular Give Back themed events – and one of the tastiest.

Your team will help a local community while strengthening their own bond in the unique event by turning a restaurant concept into a cardboard food truck you simply won’t believe. Contact the Grupo Events team today to start planning a team building adventure for tomorrow.