Put Corporate Team Building Right In The Palm of Your Hand

Like corporations all over the world, yours already relies heavily on technology. Since the recent pandemic has sent many corporate team members home to work, we’ve all relied on technology more than ever. We do so because of the edge and advantage technology gives us, right? Technology has made communication easier, sharing faster, and the world smaller. Since you and your team members already use technology in your everyday work environment, extending its use into your team building activities just makes sense. Check out these six ways you can use team building technology to draw your team closer together.

  • Clue Murder Mystery – With our Clue Murder Mystery app and their smartphones, teams will decipher clues and motives to become outstanding, crime-solving detectives
  • Code Break – Team members will rise to the challenge to solve logic problems, brain teasers, riddles, and picto-puzzles to learn on-the-spot decision-making using our Code Breaker app
  • Getting to Know You – Using their smartphones and our specialized Team Experiences app, your team will learn more about each member than they ever thought possible
  • Urban Fear Factor – With their smartphones and sense of humor in tow, this team building Fear Factor challenge teaches problem solving, strategy, and effective communication
  • Wild Goose Chase – Your team will use their smartphones and our team building technology to take point-earning photos on a fun-filled, exciting scavenger hunt through your city
  • Team Pursuit – With the right mindset and tech skills, your team can work their way through increasingly stimulating and thought-provoking team challenges

What are you waiting for? Start planning the retreat of a lifetime with the incredible technology you use every day and the apps we use to challenge, teach, and enthrall your team. Effective team building is right in the palm of your hand. Contact the Grupo Events team today to put the power of team building technology to work in the beauty and culture of Mexico or right in your own city.