Ready To Cultivate, Motivate, And Activate Your Team? Bring Them To Mexico!

Putting together the right team is the first step in team building games – it’s also the first step in creating a winning team who works well together. That’s why establishing an annual corporate retreat is as important as creating an updated annual marketing plan. The best way to cultivate, motivate, encourage, and activate your team is by disguising team building as play in an environment where they arrive as coworkers and depart as a cohesive team.

Consider the change in scenery from an office setting with views of steel buildings, the noise of street traffic, and the hustle and bustle of city life. Now imagine your team on the sand-strewn, sun-drenched beaches of Mexico engaging in the fun and activity of team building games. Now you understand the truth of the statement that a new environment can, indeed, help foster new ideas. Two of our most popular outdoor team building games give your team all those benefits and give them skills that translate back to your office.

Our custom Beach Olympics feature upbeat music that energizes your team and adult-sized sandboxes that set their creativity free. They’ll combine physical, mental, and intellectual strengths to complete a series of beach challenges that uncover hidden talents and celebrate team accomplishments.

  • In-office Translation: When your team returns to your office, they translate beach fun into learned skills like breaking tasks into manageable chunks, appreciation for individual contributions, and celebrating the culmination of effective teamwork.

Our one-of-a-kind X Games is a test of speed, strategy, stamina, strength, and accuracy. Teams move from station to station, enjoy our athlete’s lounge, and go head-to-head in 20-minute activity bursts. Face painting, choosing a team name, and an applause-filled medal ceremony are just a few of the highlights of this beach-themed, high-energy, group challenge.

  • In-office Translation: Your team heads back to the office knowing how to master tasks that previously seemed overwhelming, how to successfully multi-task and rotate between corporate challenges, and the importance of an annual change of scenery. Believe us! They’ll eagerly look forward to next year’s retreat!

Browse our entire selection of outdoor team activities and get your team members out from behind their desks, away from their whiteboards, and into the fun and excitement of games and activities designed to teach new ways to work together that readily translate back to the office.

Your team heads back to your office with new coping skills, new developmental strategies, and a renewed sense of purpose. Contact Grupo right now to engage your staff in the best team building games in Mexico.