Social Distance Does Not Have To Distance Your Team

The physical distance required by social distancing and safer-at-home mandates can quickly and easily incite emotional distance in your team members. Team building through social distancing can definitely be a challenge. That’s why our team is stepping in with ways you can continue to promote healthy team building in spite of social distancing.

  • Invite your team to play a game of office trivia. Office trivia games can help each of your team members stay focused on their once-shared office space and the activities and strategy meetings that took place there.
  • Plan an office reunion. It can seem far off at times, but a time is soon coming when everyone will be back in their corporate offices. Start planning those days with your team now to ensure a smooth transition back to shared workspace.
  • Send your team on a nature walk. It’s autumn in many places around the world – a beautiful time of year. Send your team outside to snap a picture of colorful leaves and other sights that capture the beauty of fall. Promote team building through social distancing by having each team member share a photo and award a prize for the most captivating photo.
  • Since everyone has a smartphone with a camera these days, get your team out of the office by sending them on a scavenger hunt. List ten items like a vanity license plate, a bird in flight, a porch swing, and so on. Award a prize to the team member who collects and shares the completed list, first.

While your team is planning its future, contact the team at Grupo Events to include Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and other beautiful cities in Mexico in your plans. Quick reminder – team building through social distancing should maintain current safety standards, so encourage each team member who participates in your outdoor challenges to mask up. Also, you can add a little extra fun to your team scavenger hunt by making one of the scavenger hunt items a pic of your logo or branding that isn’t in their home office.