The event is sure to generate results with any group – from senior executives to Olympic athletes.

During the cardboard box boat build, teams must deal with several curve balls that are common in the real world, such as project modifications, staff changes, or material shortages. The facilitator will highlight teachable moments and relate them directly to the experience at hand. As it is unlikely there are any cardboard boat building experts, leadership on teams will emerge as people express ideas and become inspired by the project.

Here’s how it works…

  • 1On the day of the event, your Lead Facilitator will provide a brief orientation session to set your team up to make the most of the program. It will be made clear how the Cardboard Boat Building Challenge works and the rules of the event.
  • 2Your group will typically be divided into teams of 6 to 8 people who will represent a standalone business unit tasked with delivering a completed product. Each team will have an opportunity to select and negotiate for materials to construct their boat.
  • 3Once the cardboard box boat is built, it will be evaluated in several areas including presentation, design, marketing, and functionality. Each team will be putting at least one member into their boat to compete in the on-water navigational challenge.

Quick Facts

  • directions_run Activity Level: Medium
  • access_time Duration: 2-3 Hours
  • help_outline Team Size: 6-8
  • supervisor_account Group Size: 10 - 200+
  • store Venue: Indoor or Outdoor
  • local_florist Seasonal: Year Round

The Perfect Activity for Groups Who Are:

Hands On

Your team loves to build, construct and learns through experiences rather than from a book. Experiential learning is integral to your company culture and growth!


Always quick to come up with outside-of-the-box solutions, your group welcomes any activity that can help them think creatively and have some fun.


Your team’s imagination runs wild if given the opportunity and are always wearing their “thinking caps”. Original ideas and innovation are just a few characteristics to describe your team. Your team loves a good challenge and thrives in an environment where outside the box solutions are encouraged!

Grupo Events’ Cardboard Boat Challenge is a memorable activity for your team to participate in during their time in Mexico. The obstacles they are forced to overcome throughout the event will have lasting results on their abilities to communicate, motivate, innovate, and problem solve as a unified group. Contact us here or call us at (800) 993-4198 to start planning your next corporate event today! 


“On behalf of all of us at NHS, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to helping us make another one of our national events a hit! I can’t express our gratitude for your attention to detail and flexibility throughout the entirety of our planning process and during the event itself. You took so many of our visions and brought them to life!”

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