Coming up with new and exciting ways to boost morale around the office can be difficult. Grupo Events offers intriguing technology team building activities that promote unified collaboration to accomplish shared objectives.

Virtual Technology Team Building Activities:

  • Clue Murder Mystery – Teams work together to decipher clues and solve a crime. 
  • Code Break – Teams work together to solve brain teasers by cracking codes. 
  • Getting to Know You – Complete challenges by matching team members with the questions. 
  • Urban Fear Factor – Teams work outside of their comfort zones to overcome fear factor challenges. 
  • Wild Goose Chase – Complete scavenger hunts in groups before the clock runs out. 
  • Team Pursuit – Teams work together to solve a variety of mental and physical challenges. 

Combining modern, technology-based applications with team building activities is a fun and innovative way to get your employees working together to achieve a common goal. Choose from an array of activities that challenge vital skills needed in the workplace. Our technology-based team building activities force participants to utilize their abilities to communicate, collaborate, and think creatively to solve the problem at hand. Your team’s experiences throughout these innovative exercises will positively impact their productivity and strengthen connections within the work environment. 

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