What’s In Your Hand? Tech Based Corporate Team Building Events

Technology is a part of our everyday lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined twenty years ago. Think about it – prospective employers use social media to screen potential new hires, connective technology keeps far distant team members in close proximity, and smartphones, tablets, and laptops keep us connected to the world 24 hours a day. It naturally follows, then, that corporations want to leverage tech based corporate team building that uses everyday tech tools to build great teams.

Grupo Events is ready with these fun and learning-filled technology-based, smart team challenges. Here’s the best part – each of these events can be easily tailored to fit your group’s unique dynamics, goals, and venue.

  • Team Pursuitis an interactive, challenging ice breaker that tests team member’s mental and physical skills. It’s a combination of trivia, getting to know you, and friendly competition.
  • Wild Goose Chasegets groups out of the office or resort and onto exciting outside searches. Think scavenger hunt, team strategy, and problem solving in one.
  • Urban Fear Factor is a modern mix of thrills, chills, double dares, and laughter. Think Fear Factor meets smartphone meets investigative exploring.
  • Getting to Know You is a laughter-filled, team bonding event. Think app-based game meets networking on steroids meets incredible collaborations.
  • Code Breakgrabs your teams’ attention with brain teasers, riddles, and a battle of wits. Think picto-puzzles, brain games, and on-the-spot decision making!
  • Clue Murder Mysterybrings teams together to solve shocking crimes. Think murder mystery meets virtual escape room meets new-age detective.

Almost every business in existence today has a place in the tech space via their websites, social channels, and handheld technology. Contact Grupo Events when you’re ready to use the tech experience your team members hold in their hands to foster incredible tech based corporate team building that combines the best of tech with the best of teams.