Your Company. Your Team. Your Retreat.

A company team building retreat is as unique as each corporate group who attends and participates in it. Even though we offer a huge assortment of challenges and events, sometimes your group needs something truly customized for their makeup, structure, and specific needs. That’s what happened with the corporate executive team from a major hotel chain, an International Group from the USA. Their team was a unique blend of individuals and their needs were highly specific and specialized.

Since this group needed a true-to-them event, we did what we do best.  We went to work creating a custom company team building retreat just for them. Their team of 600 spent four days with us at the stunning JW Marriott Cancun. That’s where we put together a custom Sandal Valet for a massive beach party. Each guest was able to check their footwear through a hosted, interactive, and fully branded experience.

It was unlike anything they’d ever seen, and it won’t ever be forgotten. We built it into a larger event with lots of moving parts, thrilling team activities, and our social team building experience. Our social team challenges and activities are designed to encourage large groups like this one to interact as much as possible and get to know each other in ways that can’t always happen in the rushed, corporate setting.

We were happy to design a retreat that fit this group’s particular needs. In truth, though, all our events are uniquely crafted to fit your team’s size and needs. At Grupo Events, we know no two teams are alike, so we don’t expect any two team retreats to be exactly alike. Contact us today and we’ll help you select the right events and best local accommodations to meet your team’s needs. We’ll even help you put together a complete company team building retreat package your HR department won’t be able to say no to.