In addition, teams will be responsible for creating an innovative poster campaign geared towards recycling at school and in your home. This recycling project team building activity in Mexico encourages creativity, imagination, and effective teamwork and raises awareness about the importance of recycling for a sustainable future.

You can assign roles within the individual groups to exercise participants’ specific skills such as leadership, organization, and creativity and the activity also challenges the group’s public speaking skills with team presentations to a panel of judges.

Not only will your group come together as a team and experience working in a new environment (no pun intended), you will also be giving back to the community and expanding knowledge for future generations. All the recycled items are sourced from local schools and at the end of the day the school will be rewarded with a donation for their help with this project!

Your group will share the experience of giving back to the community as well as working together in a fun environment. Each participant will be able to showcase their strengths as the team progresses through the different phases of the event. By the end of this environmentally friendly activity, participants will have learned more about their team members and themselves and have memories to share around the water cooler for years to come!

Investment: Starts at $3,000 USD for up to 30 people – Please enquire for larger groups


Here’s how it works…

  • 1Your group will be divided into teams of highly specialized sustainability experts.
  • 2Using the supplies provided, teams will plan, design, build, decorate and present recycling receptacles to be donated to a local school.
  • 3Public speaking skills will be tested with team presentations and an innovative poster board marketing campaign to educate youth about the importance of recycling and sustainability.

Quick Facts

  • directions_run Activity Level: Low
  • access_time Duration: 2-3 Hours
  • help_outline Team Size: 6-8
  • supervisor_account Group Size: 10 - 500+
  • store Venue: Indoor
  • local_florist Seasonal: Year Round

The Perfect Activity for Groups Who Are:


Always quick to come up with outside-of-the-box solutions, your group welcomes any activity that can help them think creatively and have some fun.


Giving back to your community and those in need is important to your group, and they’re excited by the idea of taking part in a philanthropic activity as a team.


Your team’s imagination runs wild if given the opportunity and are always wearing their “thinking caps”. Original ideas and innovation are just a few characteristics to describe your team. Your team loves a good challenge and thrives in an environment where outside the box solutions are encouraged!

Grupo Events’ recycling project team building activity in Mexico provides innovative and interesting ways for staff to develop better communication skills while working together. The experiences they share during our Eco Challenge benefit their success in the work environment. Call us at (800) 993-4198 or send us a message to start planning a corporate adventure with Grupo Events!



“It was clear that everyone enjoyed the activity, had a good time and found it rewarding and beneficial.  Also, the opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile cause increased the level of satisfaction for many. But even more important, people made it abundantly clear how they would be taking the contacts, lessons and experiences gained from the event directly back to their on-the-job efforts.”


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