Our extraordinary selection of outdoor corporate team building activities in Mexico offers exciting games, challenges, and events designed to strengthen crucial skill sets needed for a successful work environment. Grupo Events provides opportunities for teams to work together towards a common goal while developing communication, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, and strategy skills. We have outdoor team building exercises that physically and mentally stimulate participants as they compete in groups for victory.

Outdoor Team Building Activities:

  • Human Foosball – Teams work together with the limited side to side mobility of regular foosball to pass the ball up and down the court to score goals.
  • Heroes Challenge – Experience the daily training regimens of a superhero while participating in various mental and physical challenges to discover who in your group is a true hero and who is a supervillain.
  • Exile Island – Teams work as a group to overcome a series of mental and physical challenges based on the popular TV show “Survivor.”
  • Mayan Ninja Warrior – Complete a giant inflatable obstacle course in a race against the clock.
  • X Games – Teams compete for points in a variety of beach themed activity stations.
  • Beach Olympics – Compete against other teams in a series of epic sports-themed challenges.
  • Build a Rocket – Teams will be tasked with creating a space corporation that involves the design, build and testing of fully functional rockets.
  • Volleyball Tournament – Discover top-notch volleyball tournament event planning services in Cancun and Riviera Maya, Mexico. Elevate your corporate event with customizable experiences amidst stunning beachfront venues.

Grupo Events has an assortment of unforgettable outdoor corporate team building activities in Mexico that encourages teamwork and business success in a fun environment. We make it easy to find exciting outdoor team building exercises that meet your company’s needs. Check out more details and information about each of our outdoor team building exercises below! Get a quote for your team today!

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