We are a team of dedicated event professionals doing what we love! One of our goals is to help your team build lasting relationships while they do what they love – grow your business. Our other goal is to be your trusted team building and corporate events partner in Mexico. That’s why we make sure team building in Mexico takes on a whole new meaning when you partner with Grupo Events.

We know every corporate team would love to escape the office for a few days of sun and fun of Mexico. We also know corporate HR departments have other goals in mind like making sure your team thrives, learns to work together, and gains skillsets that transfer back to your office. Because what you learn in Mexico shouldn’t stay in Mexico.

In addition to learning effective means of communication, getting your team together in one sunshiny location saves your HR department time and money. It also boosts employee morale and productivity. Here are a few other transferable skills your group will learn while team building in Mexico:

  • Individual and team assessments
  • How to set reachable goals
  • How to break goals into workable points
  • Team vision casting and goal sharing
  • Individual and team strength building
  • The critical importance of team trust
  • Identifying team leaders
  • The value of team cooperation
  • How to adapt to sudden changes
  • How to thrive under pressure

Team building in Mexico is an ideal way for your team to learn to bond with each other, enhance working relationships, and forge new tribe cultures. Your success is our success and we look forward to starting a very positive relationship with you and your team! We want to be your partner in planning your team building and corporate events in year 1, year 5, your 25th anniversary, and beyond!

Building better teams. Building better business. We build great teams. Period.

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