Building corporate teams is an art form – an art form we’ve worked hard to master. Just like iron sharpens iron and leaders create leaders, great teams build great teams. That’s why at Grupo Events, we’ve taken our time and gone to a great deal of effort to create a winning team on our end. Otherwise, how could we help you create a winning team?

From the day our founders, Estefania Servin and Jordan MacDonald, started planning to create Grupo Events to the day we hosted our first team activity to the day you’re reading this page, we’ve built an incredible team so you can build incredible teams, too.

We’re excited about hosting events, activities, and challenges that make building corporate teams an amazing combination of fun and function. Make no mistake about it – your team will learn with guidance and direction from our team. They’ll just do it by way of unique challenges and activities that disguise learning as fun. Our get-it-done-team has designed, created, and tested activities that teach your team the tools they need to grow and develop every member and every team.

Why Your Team Should Work With Our Team

We’re proud to say we are the best at building corporate teams because we’ve built a great corporate team. We know the best parts of Mexico, the best-kept secrets in team building, and the best way to get take your team from good to great. The men and women – we’re partially woman-owned – who comprise our team are proudly:

  • Bilingual
  • Entrepreneurial spirited
  • Solution-focused
  • Originally creative
  • Branding masters
  • Locally knowledgeable
  • Friendly, courteous and service focused
  • Experienced in outdoors

We firmly believe the best people create the best team building experiences which create the best teams. Just like your team, ours is made up of individuals who are better together. We are a group of dynamic, diverse folks who know the power and beauty of turning a corporate group into a legendary team. Contact us today to start planning your team’s unforgettable corporate retreat.

Questions? We got answers!

Book a free consultation and get faster answers to all your questions and a better sense of whether we are right for each other. Building better teams. Building better business. We Build Great Teams. Plan a memorable work function with Grupo Events today!