Hola!  Thanks for visiting our website! My name is Jordan MacDonald and I am the Co-Founder and Director of Sales at Grupo Events. I am a creative, coffee-loving, funky-suit-appreciating entrepreneur and corporate event planner in Mexico.  I love planning team challenges and activities for corporate groups of any size and can’t wait to help plan your first or next corporate event!

As a corporate event planner, my role at Grupo Events involves working closely with you and every customer during the sales process to help unlock, understand, and achieve your team building and event goals. My personal goal is to deliver an awesome corporate event that is as effective for you to experience as it is fun and exciting for me to plan. I work closely with every department to provide leadership and good coffee. Did I mention I love coffee?

Wanna grab my attention quickly? Mention the word coffee and ask me about the time I won the Golden Broom at a last-minute curling tournament! You can also try one of these interesting Jordan-isms:

  • Favorite Food: Lasagna
  • City of Origin: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Non-coffee Interests: Travel, business, learning, Crossfit, and leading an active lifestyle
  • Favorite Team Building Event: It’s a tie between Building Bridges and Cardboard Boat Building! They’re both so much fun.
  • Favorite Corporate Event: Carnival Casino Nights with a Michael Jackson Flash Mob!

I’m proud to have helped create Grupo Events and build a team of event planners who specialize in FUN team building activities and corporate events in Mexico! We focus on two specific corporate event areas – team building and event planning. On the team building side, I work with my team to plan and implement team building activities and programs all over Mexico. On the event planning side, I work with my team to combine outstanding performers, branded event styling, and epic venues to create unforgettable live events.

If you’re looking for a corporate event planner with cookie-cutter ideas and one-size-fits-all team activities, I’m not that guy. If you’re looking for someone to custom-built events your team will love while they learn and point you toward the best coffee around, I am that guy. I can’t wait to help plan your first or next corporate event! Thanks for checking out our company, I can’t wait to learn about yours.

Questions? We got answers!

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