Here at Grupo Events, we organize and facilitate one-of-a-kind opportunities for giving back to the community team building events in Mexico. Our corporate give back challenges offer a variety of charitable events and activities that strengthen your team’s crucial work skills while helping local communities in need. Groups will participate in mental and physical exercises designed to enhance communication, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, and strategy development to reach a common goal. We donate all items used, designed, and built to local schools and charities at the end of each event.

Corporate Give Back Challenges:

  • Building Bridges – Teams work together to construct a bridge based on specific client requirements.
  • Library in a Day – Complete a series of tasks to create a library for a local school in need.
  • Supplies for Success – Earn points for school supply donations by answering questions and completing challenges based on the popular TV game show “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader”
  • Eco Challenge – Teams work together to create a campaign geared towards the importance of recycling at school.
  • Food Truck Wars – Earn non-perishable food donation supplies for local charities by competing in various food-based challenges to create a successful restaurant concept.
  • The Great Build – Teams work together to build a quality children’s bike or playground set for a local charity.
  • One Project at a Time – Complete a series of tasks one by one to improve a local school in need.
  • Six Senses Wheel Chair – complete sensory based challenges to earn supplies to assemble a wheelchair. Donate the wheelchairs to a charity after the event.
  • Charity Golf Tournament – teams design, build and play with do it yourself mini golf courses with part of the supplies being donated to a local charity after the event.

We offer a variety of events for all group sizes that encourage important business skills while helping local schools and charities. Grupo Events makes it easy to coordinate corporate give back challenges during your company’s time in Mexico. Discover more information about each of our giving back to the community team building activities below.

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