Six Senses Wheel Chair building is a Give Back themed team building activity that will have your group working in teams and making a positive impact in the local community. By heightening participants various senses and developing a higher sense of empathy for those with impairments, participants will organically become more in tune with each other and the world we live in.

As your corporate team completes the six senses themed challenges, they will develop trust and see the strengths of their team mates resulting in heightened communication and collaboration. If your goal is to work as a group, trust each other, have a positive impact and reach for the best possible outcome, Six Senses Wheel Chair Building is for you and your group!

Throughout your six senses wheel chair building exercise, your team will experience a variety of sensory based team challenges. Here are some mobility based challenge examples that can be incorporated into your six senses wheel chair building charity event in Mexico.

SIGHT: Blindfolded challenge – teams choose a “set of eyes” that will lead the entire team through an obstacle course following the verbal instructions of ”the eyes”

HEARING:  Teams will form a single file line and must verbally whisper and pass along a message doing their best to communicate the exact message from the first person to the last. Messages start easy and become more complex.

SMELL: Teams will be blindfolded and will need to correctly identify the items using only the power of smell. Items can be fruits, drinks, perfumes or objects.

TASTE: Teams will be blindfolded and will need to correctly identify the items using only the power of taste. Items can be chocolate, fruits or drinks.

TOUCH: Teams will be required to wear mitts and assemble a tower out of playing cards with limited hand dexterity.

Here’s how it works…

  • 1Your group will complete sensory based challenges. The challenges are designed to give your team new perspectives and empathy for various impairments. By completing the challenges,  teams will earn supplies for their wheelchairs at the same time. Upon completing the challenges and earning the necessary supplies, teams will work together to assemble their wheelchairs.
  • 2Test the wheel chairs! Teams will go head to head in a course that will utilize those sensory based skills and test the wheel chairs at the same time.
  • 3Do some good by donating everything to deserving kids and families in the local community. Wheel chairs donated to a local charity!

Quick Facts

  • directions_run Activity Level: Low
  • access_time Duration: 2-3 Hours
  • help_outline Team Size: 6-8
  • supervisor_account Group Size: 10 - 500+
  • store Venue: Indoor or Outdoor
  • local_florist Seasonal: Year Round

The Perfect Activity for Groups Who Are:


Your team loves working and interacting with all departments and socializing is part of something bigger than just a causal conversation. Your team understands the importance of taking a step back and seeing the “big picture” and how important relationships are in business.


Giving back to your community and those in need is important to your group, and they’re excited by the idea of taking part in a philanthropic activity as a team.


Giving back is part of your team’s mantra and an important element of any group activity. The opportunity to give back excites your team! Competitive team building activities have taken a back seat to collaborative give back opportunities!

Six senses wheel chair building is a corporate charity event for groups visiting Mexico that want to make a positive impact by giving back. Participants will learn valuable skills that will translate positively back in the office and inspire your team. Your impact will be felt long after you leave and help those in the local community. 


“The Great Bike Build was a great event focused on a philanthropic cause. Our facilitator was great with wonderful energy. The process of the event was very smooth and efficient. Great team building event, we had some good fun and laughs. We were able to actually hand over the finished products (bicycles) to a local community. What a great feeling!”

Parker Hannifin


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