We provide innovative team building activities in Los Cabos, Cancun and the Riviera Maya and other parts of Mexico. Our team building and group activities are for companies looking for exciting exercises, games and events that are designed for groups. Our team building experiences strengthen and develop important work environment skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, time management and much more.

  • Boat Build- Teams must build a boat out of card board boxes and compete in an on-water navigational challenge.
  • Minute to Win It- Groups will race against the clock to complete a variety of seemingly simple challenges.
  • Masters of Mixology- Each team must create, market and sell an original beverage to a panel of judges.
  • Building Bridges- Groups must construct a bridge with structural integrity according to client specifications that a remote-control vehicle will be able to safely navigate.
  • Library in a Day- Groups spend the day building a library for a local school in need.
  • Supplies for Success- Teams compete in a game show challenge that earns points that are used to provide school supplies for a local school in need.
  • Spin Art- Participants create spin art designs on customized company branded vinyl records.
  • Casino Nights- Fully customizable social team building themed party package offers a variety of casino games and activities.
  • Exile Island- Teams compete in a series of challenges based on the popular TV Show, “Survivor:”
  • Food Truck Wars- Groups must come up with a restaurant concept, build a storefront out of cardboard, and create a guacamole recipe that will be served to a panel of judges.
  • The Great Build- Teams work together to build a bike or a children’s playground set for a local charity in need.
  • Code Break- Groups are tasked with different code breaking activities that will require a collaborative team effort to solve.
  • Getting to Know You- An ice breaking activity for strengthening team relations outside of the office environment.
  • Boom Whackers Energizer- Group create music using various color-coordinated size percussion tubes.
  • Wild Goose Chase- Groups are tasked with completing as many challenges as possible during a scavenger hunt throughout Mexico.
  • Paradise Drums Energizer- An interactive musical challenge leads groups step by step in a drum energizer.
  • Mayan Ninja Warrior- Teams must complete an obstacle course challenge based on the popular TV Show, “American Ninja Warrior.”
  • Resort Rally- Groups work together to solve a range of mental and physical challenges.
  • One Project at a Time- Your group completes a series of tasks that aligns with the vision, goals, and improves the top needs of local schools.
  • Black Light Balloon Dart Wall- Groups participate in an interactive balloon dart wall activity together to reveal a branded message.
  • It’s a Mystery?- Teams must creatively work through problems to solve a crime for the local police.
  • Six Senses Wheel Chair – teams complete challenges to earn tools and supplies to build and test a wheel chair. Wheel chairs are donated to a local charity in Mexico after the event.
  • Charity Golf Tournament – participants are tasked with original, do it yourself mini golf course design with the option to include a philanthropic component.
  • Build a Rocket – Teams will be tasked with creating a space corporation that involves the design, build and testing of fully functional rockets.
  • Volleyball Tournament – Discover top-notch volleyball tournament event planning services in Cancun and Riviera Maya, Mexico. Elevate your corporate event with customizable experiences amidst stunning beachfront venues.
  • Luchador Showdown – Teams will take on roles such as wrestlers, managers, and announcers, creating dynamic performances and unforgettable memories.

Grupo Event’s innovative team building activities offer an extensive variety of opportunities for groups to work together, overcome challenges and develop crucial skills that will help them in the work environment. Our company team building events in Los Cabos, Cancun and the Riviera Maya and throughout Mexico provide unforgettable experiences your employees will remember for years to come!

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