Food Truck Wars is a tasty philanthropic team building activity that will have your team giving back to the local community and having a ton of fun along the way! While enjoying time in Mexico, challenge your groups with running a food truck team building activities that develop crucial bonds while enhancing communication and problem-solving skills.

In this signature Food Truck team building challenge, groups are tasked with creating a restaurant concept and storefront entirely out of cardboard as well as a delicious guacamole to be served up to the judges. Teams will earn the supplies to create the restaurant by completing a series of food based challenges. The non-perishable food used in the challenges will be donated to a local charity and community.

Here’s how it works…

  • 1Your event will start with an opening speech and ice breaker by your Event Facilitator welcoming the group and delivering instructions on how the day will unfold! Your group will be divided into teams of 6 to 8 participants per team and will get ready to kick things off! 
  • 2Each team will compete in a series of food-based challenges which will earn additional supplies for each team. For example, teams will need to recreate a local landmark using the supplies provided. Next up, teams will need to build the highest standing structure entirely out of the supplies provided. Each challenge is designed to challenge the team’s creativity and get them thinking about give back components and how they can contribute within their own community.
  • 3The next phase of the event will have teams using the supplies earned to create a concept for a restaurant. The concept will be carried out as teams create a storefront using cardboard and craft supplies provided so they can serve their delicious guacamole!  Final products will be presented and judged by the group. Teams that embrace the concept of support and fully commit to each other will be the team that thrives in the Guacamole Battle!

Quick Facts

  • directions_run Activity Level: Medium
  • access_time Duration: 2-3 Hours
  • help_outline Team Size: 6-8
  • supervisor_account Group Size: 10 - 500+
  • store Venue: Indoor
  • local_florist Seasonal: Year Round

The Perfect Activity for Groups Who Are:


Always quick to come up with outside-of-the-box solutions, your group welcomes any activity that can help them think creatively and have some fun.


Giving back to your community and those in need is important to your group, and they’re excited by the idea of taking part in a philanthropic activity as a team.

Hands On

Your team loves to build, construct and learns through experiences rather than from a book. Experiential learning is integral to your company culture and growth!

Grupo Events’ energetic running a food truck team building challenges in Mexico stimulate employees’ abilities to overcome unexpected problems quickly, efficiently, and successfully. Teams establish important communication skills that help support a healthy work environment.



“The Great Bike Build was a great event focused on a philanthropic cause. Our facilitator was great with wonderful energy. The process of the event was very smooth and efficient. Great team building event, we had some good fun and laughs. We were able to actually hand over the finished products (bicycles) to a local community. What a great feeling!”

Parker Hannifin


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