Welcome to Grupo Events where we pride ourselves on building great teams! I lead our Human Resources and Coaching departments where my key role is to help build our great event team. I know firsthand how important corporate team building in Mexico is, so I purposely recruit the most amazing people to join our diverse team. You’ll see the fruit of my labors for yourself because building our unbeatable team has uniquely equipped us to help build yours.

I’m a huge believer in human connection. It’s a powerful thing that turns thoughts into dreams, words into actions, and goals into productivity. The power of human connection builds function, form, and fun into team relationships and turns team challenges into easy-to-reach, cohesive team goals. A change of scenery can lead to a huge shift in your team’s perspective, rapport, and thought process.

Corporate team building in Mexico is all about taking your team out of their everyday settings and encouraging them to think outside the box. I look forward to connecting with you to help plan and implement successful, creative team activities and events that start in Mexico and translate right back to your corporate office.

I’m fluent in Mandarin and spent eight years successfully running my own event company in China. I’m originally from Mexico City, though, and moved to Playa del Carmen in 2015. When I came back home, I brought with me a unique ability to connect with people, transcend language barriers, and build working relationships. I’m proud to put my shoulder to the wheel at Grupo Events and facilitate corporate team building in Mexico with an inspiring network of individuals and groups.

  • Favorite Food: Tacos Pastor
  • City of Origin: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Interests: Travel, business, learning, CrossFit and leading an active lifestyle
  • Favorite Team Building Event: Building Bridges or Team Pursuit. I’m a huge fan of smart team building!
  • Favorite Corporate Event: Any beach event that includes fireworks and live music!

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