A lot of people believe being a super hero comes naturally; however, most super hero’s train daily to maintain their incredible physique and mental sharpness. During our team building super heroes challenge in Mexico, your staff will experience the daily training regime of a super hero in a variety of cerebral and physical challenges to determine who the true super heroes are within your group! Don’t worry, we will also highlight some super villains in the process as every great Hero needs an equally dubious adversary to battle with along the way!

The Heroes Challenge will start with an opening speech by Grupo’s Lead Hero welcoming the group and delivering instructions on how the day will unfold! Your group will be divided into TEAMS of 8- 10 and compete in beach based Super Hero challenges of epic proportions! Each team will be given team bandanas, super hero props and be tasked with creating a Super Hero team name and power before making their way to their first challenge of the day!

The format for this event will be Super Hero themed, beach style activities set up in stations on the beach. Teams will compete head to head against each other earning points at each station. Team will spend approximately 20 minutes at each station, which includes challenge explanation, completion and rotation to the next station.

Here’s how it works…

  • 1Your group will be divided into smaller teams of super heroes and given bandanas and super hero props! Each team will need to come up with a team name and super power that will assist them throughout the program!
  • 2Teams will compete head to head in a series of super hero and super villain themed challenges testing the physical and mental acuity of each team.
  • 3The final "all in" challenge takes place followed by an awards ceremony with the top team coming away with keys to the city for their heroic performance!

Quick Facts

  • directions_run Activity Level: High
  • access_time Duration: 2-3 Hours
  • help_outline Team Size: 8-10
  • supervisor_account Group Size: 10 - 200+
  • store Venue: Outdoor
  • local_florist Seasonal: Year Round

The Perfect Activity for Groups Who Are:


New experiences are critical to keeping your team engaged. There is always an excitement and willingness to do something new and unusual!

Hands On

Your team loves to build, construct and learns through experiences rather than from a book. Experiential learning is integral to your company culture and growth!


Working together comes naturally to your team and they understand that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. The acronym T.E.A.M resonates strongly, and they know everyone will achieve greater results with a team first mentality. “Together. Everyone. Achieves. More” (T.E.A.M)

Groups learn how they can overcome physically and mentally demanding tasks as a team to succeed during the Heroes Challenge. Staff members create lasting memories and adventures together while competing in Grupo Events’ epic team building super heroes challenge in Mexico!



“Awesome organization. People were super nice and professional. The manager, Jordan, was perfectly prepared for the event. I recommend it 1000%. All our group of 75 employees had a wonderful moment and good memories. Thanks, guys, good job!”

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