Celebrate The Culture & Beauty of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo – the fifth of May – commemorates the Mexican Army’s military victory over the French Empire on May 5, 1862. In Mexico, this independence day is celebrated for its historical significance and its important military victory. In the US, the day celebrates the rich, vibrant nature of Mexican culture.

In the Puebla, Mexico – home of the original military battle and victory – locals celebrate by hosting an enormous parade, reenacting the victorious battle in period costume, and celebrating the reenacted victory with music, dancing, singing, shouting, and LOTS of good food. In fact, Puebla is renowned all over the country for its native cuisine that draws countrymen and travelers from all over the world to its beautiful shores.

In the US, Cinco de Mayo is normally celebrated with parades, floats, and community events that honor the exciting, colorful, yet classic culture of Mexico. It gives Mexican Americans an opportunity to celebrate their roots while giving others the opportunity to learn more about Mexican culture by sampling authentic Mexican cuisine and by learning about Mexican culture. A glimpse into the history and refinement of Mexico might even prompt you to visits its sunny shores soon.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo today – since it is also Taco Tuesday – with friends and family by opting for authentic cuisine, music, and dance in your home. Try taking yourself and your family on a virtual tour of a Mexican museum or cultural arts center. You can learn about the heart, soul, and refinement of Mexico and its people amid virtual art, music, pottery, and other virtual exhibits.

Cinco de Mayo commemorates an important victory for the people of Mexico. When your team is ready to experience the rich, cultural flair of Mexico, contact the team at Grupo Events. We are here to help your team experience its own victory because we build great teams. Period.