Make Safety The Order of The Day At Your Next Corporate Event

As social distancing regulations start to lift all over the world and your team starts planning its next big gathering – whether that’s in the office or in Cancun – we’re proud to provide you with these safety tips that make re-engaging, traveling and interacting safe for your team.

  • As your team members return to their corporate offices, put social distancing mandates into practice by placings desks and workstations at least six feet apart and by limiting congregating around water coolers, coffee machines, and copiers.
  • Treat your team to individually plated or individually wrapped meals versus buffets. Your team can also eliminate receiving lines and opt out of handshakes, hugs, and other high-touch office and event norms.
  • Stock up on hand sanitizer and plan to place them in strategic locations like major entryways, at entryways to each room, and inside and outside restrooms and eating areas.
  • Equip team members with individual bottles of hand sanitizer that have been branded with your corporate logo. This tactic lets them protect themselves and others and offers on-the-go sanitation.
  • If you haven’t already done so, work toward making your office as paper-free as possible. Encourage team members to communicate via email, text, screenshot, and phone calls as much as possible.
  • Gift team members with branded masks as well. Opt for masks that make breathing a little easier and have designated mask-free zones like eating areas.
  • Post signs and send emails that let your team know what cleaning and sanitation methods are being implemented in your office.

Building great teams means adapting to change and forging ahead despite challenging circumstances. At Grupo Events, we understand the importance of team flexibility and turning on a dime to make the current global situation work for everyone involved. That’s why we adhere to the mandates of social distancing while still maintaining a team dynamic that works to everyone’s advantage. Contact us for tips on building safety into your next team building event on the beautiful shores of Mexico.