Optimize Your Upcoming Retreat With These Corporate Team Building Ideals

Planning a corporate retreat is one thing. Planning a corporate retreat that builds and connects teams is quite another. The goal of your retreat is probably to establish corporate team building ideals that foster team spirit, team development, and team unity. These tips will help you build those goals right into your corporate retreat.

Assess Then Evaluate

Look at your team’s current functionality with a critical eye to decipher what is and isn’t effective. Keep the parts that work and make plans to use your retreat time to overhaul or replace the outmoded or outdated parts that don’t.

Rethink Then Restructure

Next, examine the makeup of each team with the same critical eye. A corporate retreat is the perfect time to try new team pairings. Try using your retreat time to reevaluate team dynamics and team roles to see if new assignments or reassignments might be in order.

Choose The Right Location

Get your team outside your office and give them the opportunity to really let their hair down. You’d be surprised at what a change of venue can do to boost your corporate team building ideals. There’s also the added bonus of making team members feel appreciated and valued. (Hint: we recommend Mexico)

Learn Then Leverage

Our team packs a lot of learning into every Grupo Events team challenge. Make sure your team takes notes, reviews them later, and leverages the new skills they’ve learned during the retreat to make effective decisions when they get back to your office.

Survey Then Plan

After your team unpacks their new tools, create an in-office survey to see what they valued most about this retreat and what they’re most looking forward to for the next one. That knowledge will help you – and us – take next year’s corporate retreat to the next level.

Start setting intentions for your 2020 corporate team building ideals right now. When you’re ready to take your team abroad, we’ll be here to help because, at Grupo Events, effective team building is what we do.