Define Your Corporate Team and Foster Greater Communication

Corporate teams come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Breaking your company or corporation down into its many teams can help you determine what types of corporate teams your company has, what teams it needs, and how each team can function at its absolute best.

Department based teams are the types of corporate teams that focus on the corporation as a whole, but on their team’s role in greater detail. Department-based teams might include marketing, sales, or tech teams. Think of each department as a puzzle piece – vital to completion and success. When each of these teams work at their maximum capability, it’s easy to see how their piece fits into the puzzle of the shared corporate focus.

Virtual teams are becoming more and more prevalent these days. They can actually be a part of any corporate team and of every corporate team because they’re simply company-wide teams that connect digitally versus personally. Emails, texts messages, and other forms of non-verbal communication might not offer the same inflections and verbal clues you’d get with speech. That makes it easy for team members to misunderstand or misinterpret each other. At Grupo Events, we use tech tools and team challenges to help foster clear, concise communication.

Leadership teams are the hallmark of corporate productivity because they set the company’s culture, goals, and public image. The goal of your corporate leadership teams is to ensure alignment with your company’s annual and ongoing goals – financial, strategic, operational, and organizational. While each corporate team might have its own leader, an entire team of leaders will make up your leadership team. Make sure each member is equipped with the tools they need for the success of their team – and your company.

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