4 Important Tips For Planning A 2019 Corporate Retreat

The first quarter of the year is almost over – but there’s still time to plan and execute a productive, affordable, team-building retreat. Planning the ideal 2019 corporate retreat is as easy as contacting the Mexico corporate event specialists at Grupo. To help kick start your team building retreat, check out our four best planning and execution tips to guarantee a successful outcome.

1. Build Private Time Into The Retreat: 
Though the goal is to get your team members to discover new ways to connect and interact, an important part of that is for each team member to have a few private moments to recharge. What better place for a bit of personal tranquility in the midst of corporate learning than the beautiful, sun-strewn beaches of Mexico?

2. Choose The Right Retreat Facilitators: 
Rather than stressing the head of your HR department or your team’s leader with the details and minutiae of retreat planning, leave the details of your 2019 corporate retreat to our skilled, experienced staff. After all, heading into a team building event stressed and pressured won’t get things started on the right foot.

3. Level The Playing Field Right From The Start
: Avoid assigning roles for our games and activities according to in-office hierarchy. A corporate retreat is the perfect opportunity for team members to learn each other’s strengths and assign roles accordingly. The mutual respect and appreciation that can bring to your team is priceless. The difference it makes in how teams communicate when they return to the office is invaluable.

4. Make Your Retreat A True Escape From The Office
: More than merely leaving the office setting, leave the office routine, office atmosphere, and office politics out of your retreat. In fact, leave your entire city behind. An escape from the everyday means a change of pace and a change of surroundings. Trust us – it’s an important part of a successful retreat.

Contact us today to start planning a retreat your whole team will love. Your goal is planning the ideal 2019 corporate retreat that boosts team morale, increases team productivity, and helps teams learn to strategize and goal plan together. Our goal is to make retreat planning as simple and enjoyable as a walk on a Cancun beach.