5 Outdoor Corporate Team Building Activities

Like all businesses, corporations are made up of people with differing perspectives, experiences, and viewpoints. Those different perspectives are what make teams – and the entities they represent – dynamic and diverse. The experiences and perspectives of group members help teams reach every segment of their target markets. Boosting the impact of corporate teams through team building games and exercises is a business-savvy way of increasing corporate and team productivity.

Implementing team building measures has the following benefits for your business: it brings hidden dysfunction to light and provides opportunity for restoration, helps team members align goals and preferred outcomes, fosters effective relationships, and increases your team’s ability to problem-solve. The key to effective team building is finding the right team building activities. These five team building games might be just what your team needs to get on the same page of your corporate playbook.

1. Exile Island
: Our Exile Island escapades teach team members to recognize individual abilities, while creating team flexibility and agility. No one is voted off the island because each accomplishment comes from working together.

2. Mayan Ninja Warrior
: Leverage the team building challenges from our Exile Island program in the exciting Mayan Water Complex. Your team will learn must-have communication and cooperation skills in our giant inflatable obstacle course.

3. Human Foosball
: Human Foosball on the lush beaches of Cancun teaches your teams to choose – and focus on – a shared goal. They’ll learn the benefits of working together, strategizing, and keeping an eye on the competition.

4. Heroes Challenge: 
Recognizing the individual strengths of each team member and learning to combine each strength into a powerhouse group of victorious corporate superheroes is the goal of the Heroes Challenge.

5. Wild Goose Chase
: Exploring Cancun on a treasure hunt might sound like fun – and it is – but it also teaches your team to communicate, organize, maneuver, and climb the leaderboard. The real treasure at the end of the hunt is a renewed sense of team spirit and pride.

An important component of team building is getting your group outside their day-to-day corporate setting and into an environment where everyone feels free and open. Team building in Cancun lets them experience the benefits of team building games amid the beauty and splendour of Mexico. Call us at (800) 993-4198 or use the enquire button to start planning the Cancun experience your team needs today to prepare for a brighter tomorrow.