Even though public High School education in Mexico is mandatory, it isn’t subsidized by the government. Keeping Kids in School (KKIS) is a project devoted to providing school supplies, scholarships, and English conversation classes to public school students in Mexico.

KKIS is a registered Mexican non-profit, a US 501c3, and a volunteer-run organization that has been helping provide educational possibilities for children in Mexico since 2012. The KKIS Project firmly believes children should have an opportunity to improve themselves regardless of their economic background. KKIS is a hand up, not a handout. It’s the chance for a chance, the promise of possibility, and the confidence of courage.

KKIS are community builders, volunteers, and public school advocates who believe all Mexico’s children should have a minimum of 12 years of free education without creating an unnecessary – or unreachable – financial burden for their families.  The KKIS mission is to cultivate a future where education is affordable and where the completion of education through university becomes more common.

Here’s how KKIS accomplishes this goal:

  • By distributing school supplies
  • By providing scholarships
  • By encouraging individual and corporate gifts

KKIS supports public high schools and English-language education in Mexico with a twice-weekly volunteer program that helps the students improve their English. In Mexico, and especially in Playa del Carmen, a city dominated by tourism, command of the English language will drastically improve income opportunities. In turn, future generations will experience improved self-esteem, improved opportunities, and an improved quality of life.

Your team can help make education in Mexico a reachable reality for local students by joining forces with Grupo Events. You’ll get the benefits of team building, team development, and team support in conjunction with the knowledge that they’re providing this generation with the tools they need to better themselves – and the next generation, and the next, and the next, and the next.

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