Few things help prepare today’s generations for their future as well as education and experience. At Grupo Events, we understand the importance of educating Mexico’s children and equipping them to experience the thrill of learning and leadership. That’s why we build corporate scholarship and the opportunity for your team to give back into many of our group activities.

Our years of experience have also shown us the benefit of launching programs that work together to support and encourage education from primary school through university including our Scholarship Program – the most tangible proof of our commitment to educational excellence for every child. Here’s how it works.

High School Scholarship Program
High school costs $600 USD per year and university scholarships average $1,850 USD per year. In both cases, the KKIS (Keeping Kids In School) program assigns students to sponsors (or sponsoring organizations) and provides periodic student progress updates throughout the year.

University Scholarship Program
Three-year scholarship commitments are greatly appreciated because we are especially interested in promoting our university scholarship program this year since our high school program is successfully graduating many students who want to go on to university!  A lump sum donation may be designated for three years of education with those funds set aside to meet the requirements for the upcoming school year. Any excess funds go right into our reserve fund.

Individual Donations
Individuals can donate to our scholarship fund and receive tax-deductible receipts via the KKIS website. Grupo Events is set up to facilitate many people giving individually under one organizing group. It’s super easy to set up – the campaign is called Betting on the Future.  Each person who donates receives a tax-deductible receipt and the organization receives recognition for their role in facilitating donations.

Recipient Selection
Scholarship recipients are chosen based on a combination of grade point average and the financial need of the student. In collaboration with the KKIS Project, all scholarship students are assigned a mentor who is a Spanish speaking individual who tracks the student’s progress, provides guidance, instills positive reinforcement, and celebrate academic wins!

While 12 years of education in Mexico is compulsory, the average amount of education is only nine years. Nine. Students who want to go on to high school need to pay for an entrance exam, school fees, transportation, and uniform costs. Public education is not a perfect system in any country, but we believe all children should have access to the full 12 years of required education regardless of their economic situation. We also believe corporate scholarship should make university education accessible for every student who wants it.

Donations of all sizes help contribute to the success of the scholarship program. Ask how your individual, group, or corporate scholarship donations can help make a difference.

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