Corporate philanthropy is an important part of doing business these days. Consumers want to know what corporations do with their hard-earned dollars. They want to know their money is doing more than lining pockets – that it’s doing good in their local communities and around the world. These seven reasons define why companies are giving back more and more during their company retreat in Mexico and in their home cities – one project at a time.

  1. Set Your Company Apart
    Drive differentiation for your corporation by letting your team members and target consumers know about your commitment to supporting a worthy cause. When consumers have to choose between two corporations, they’re more likely to choose the one who cares about their local and global communities.
  1. Network With Your Community
    Your company can create a positive connection with corporate philanthropy. Getting out and working in the community your company is visiting during your retreat will further connect your people to your brand and to the people of your destination city.
  1. Humanize Your Corporation
    With social media playing an increasingly vital role in customer engagement for any brand, your charitable giving program can be a source of unique, shareable content as well as an engaging way to humanize your brand. People want to work with real people and knowing your company is making a positive difference will encourage more people to work with you and promote your brand.
  1. Build Relationships With Community Leaders
    Corporate philanthropy has been around as long as corporations have. It creates opportunities to connect with community leaders and other important influencers. Building positive relationships with these people will work wonders for your company’s brand, message, culture, and public perception.
  1. Low-Risk, High Reward
    Whether your team is participating in an onsite bike building program at your resort or an offsite school improvement project, there are numerous ways to align the needs of the local community with the comfort and skill level of your corporate team members. Either way, the experience will be extremely rewarding for everyone involved.
  1. Team Bonding & Camaraderie
    Team building activities are an incredible opportunity for your team to build a bond and develop camaraderie. Our Give Back team building activities are tremendously memorable and let your team members connect on a personal level and experience the real power of team spirit.
  1. Increased Productivity
    Giving back has a plethora of unseen benefits. Did you know people who give back are proven to lead healthier, happier lives? That means your company benefits, too, because this translates into fewer sick days, increased energy, bolstered morale, and positive team interactions. To sum it up, your people, productivity, and bottom line will all be positively impacted by giving back.

Corporate philanthropy boosts your business, builds your company culture and delivers extraordinary team results.  A single philanthropic event is good – an ongoing spirit of doing good for others is great! Corporate philanthropy starts with one person, one team, one corporation. Contact Grupo Events to start planning your give back team building retreat in Mexico today!

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