Planning a company retreat means putting a huge assortment of wheels in motion. At Grupo Events, we have a wide variety of event solutions that make planning a group experience in Mexico easy for you, fun for your team, and impressive for your boss! We understand that you – and your HR Department – need information now, not a week from now. We work with you to find a solution that is on time, on budget, and helps set your team up for success!

Grupo Events makes planning a company retreat easier and more affordable than you ever thought it could be. We take care of all your corporate event planning needs because one of the best advantages we offer you is event planning speed that means you’ll have a fully customized, detailed information packet in your hands in no time to share with your team and your HR Department.

Our record of success and glowing client testimonials demonstrate how our team works with your team to design the unique team building solution your group needs. We’re always hard at work planning a company retreat that teaches, trains, and transforms your group. Our team is also flexible and bilingual which allows you to speak your language and ensures we speak it, too. We take the guesswork and guestimates out of retreat planning and turn it into a work of cooperative art.

Sit back. Relax. Leave the hard work to us. We understand the pressure that comes from planning a company retreat – pressure from your boss, pressure from your colleagues, and pressure from your staff. Eliminate the pressure and stress by letting us take the lead in corporate event planning because we know planning a team building retreat that unites your team isn’t supposed to stress you out.

Grupo Events understands that planning a team building activity and corporate event may not be your expertise. Thankfully, it is ours! Eliminate the guesswork and legwork with Grupo’s uniquely streamlined planning process and create an amazing event experience for your team.

Building better teams. Building better business. We build great teams. Period.

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