If your corporate group is planning a team building retreat in Mexico, the most important thing you need is a team of bilingual professional corporate event planners. At Grupo Events, the majority of our team members are from right here in Mexico, but we’ve also built a strong team of hardworking Canadians, Americans, British, French and Italian men and women with a shared goal – making your team successful.  Our version of bilingual corporate event planning in Mexico is far more than mere language translations. Our team is staffed with a diverse group of people from all over the world to make sure we can readily accommodate any client.

An outstanding bilingual team is only one of the reasons our team building activities and corporate events are so easy to plan and implement. Here’s what working with our bilingual team means:

  • We don’t just translate languages – we speak them fluently
  • We don’t just educate and entertain teams – we build them
  • We don’t just host corporate events – we plan them from start to finish

That means we plan and strategize, organize and coordinate, and implement and execute challenges and activities with your team every step of the way to ensure flawless bilingual events. Our team also steps in to help your HR department coordinate travel dates and plans, coordinate local timelines and time zones, and meet local citizens and corporate philanthropic groups.

Bilingual corporate event planning in Mexico means your team can put every aspect of planning in our hands. You can also trust our language translations for correctness and accuracy. You can also trust our familiarity with all things local – language, dining, shopping, and nightlife – that make team challenges innovative and exciting.

Contact us today to find out easy it can be to plan incredible corporate team building events. Our team has the skills and experience to provide your team with the best bilingual corporate event planning in Mexico. Period.

Questions? We got answers!

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