Choosing a company to plan, coordinate, and host your corporate event is a huge undertaking. It means vetting the right people and making sure you choose a company you can rely on. At Grupo Events, we are reliable event planning – a winning combination of form and function – that takes the guesswork and legwork out of your hands. In fact, our proven track record of success with a wide range of groups and companies speaks to our ability to host outstanding events, and to your ability to put your trust in us.

Our experienced team of event coordinators, creative directors, and challenge facilitators work with you to find the solution that best fits your group’s specific needs. We take the time to listen to your priorities and then provide the perfect solution to fit your individual group dynamics.

Why Trust Our Team To Plan Events For Your Team?
Leave the planning to us because at Grupo Events, reliable isn’t just a buzz word. It’s the way we run every aspect of our business. Our reliable event planning is what lets your team meet its team building needs without the headache and hassle of months of planning. Here’s what happens when you put your team in our hands:

  • You connect your HR department with one source for all your corporate event needs
  • Our bilingual team isn’t inhibited by a language barrier
  • Flexibility is built into our process so your team can meet its own unique needs
  • Our creativity means your team’s event will be unlike any other

Reliable event planning means we keep our team running like the well-oiled machine it is so your team can depend on us to create the ideal Mexico-based event made up of team challenges and incredible downtime.  We are experienced, dependable, easy to work with, and unfailingly reliable. We’ve worked hard to build a reliable team so you can build a great team.

Questions? We got answers!

Contact us by clicking the button below and request a proposal or give us a call on the number above to start discussing your event immediately. Building better teams. Building better business. We Build Great Teams. Plan a memorable work function with Grupo Events today!